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Lomography Lomo School

Learn the Art Of Film Photography With Lomography’s New Lomo School

This online resource aims to offer an “analog education like never before” for film photographers, both beginners and experienced.

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The Lomographic Society has recently launched a new section on its website called the Lomo School, providing an “analog education like never before” for film photographers, especially beginners. The Lomo School aims to offer a one-stop shop for everything analog photography-related, from the basics to experimental techniques.

The Lomographic Society started as a small group of students supporting each other’s creative photography endeavors, which has now grown into a vast community with various products, a magazine, competitions, and photo-sharing tools. The Lomo School takes its idea of supporting and supplying analog photographers to the next level by providing an educational resource.

The Lomo School covers various topics like multiple exposure photography, instant photography, film photography basics, film scanning, and different types of film. If photographers cannot find the topic they need, they can email school@lomography.com  with their questions, which will help the Lomo School grow and expand based on feedback. Lomography hopes that the new school will be an interactive space that provides analog photographers of all skill levels with the tools they need to grow as artists and creators.

Film photographers can explore the Lomo School and research almost any topic concerning analog photography equipment and techniques, and it’s free for all users. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced film photographer, the Lomo School has something to offer. It’s an excellent opportunity for photographers to learn new techniques and enhance their creativity.

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