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KILLSPENCER Indoor Mini Basketball

KILLSPENCER Indoor Mini Basketball

The stunning Mini Basketball Kit by KILLSPENCER is definitely not for children.

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Basketball might be an indoor sports for pros who get to play in their shiny indoor courts, but for mere mortals like us the only place to showcase our humble skills is on the outdoor courts, usualły devoid of net and warmth. The cold might have forced us to resort to playing NBA 2K16, but there’s something to be said about that feeling when the ball leaves our hands that just can’t be replicated by a joystick and buttons.

Instead of heading over to Toys ‘R’ Us for a cheaply made plastic mini basketball hoop that you hang on your door, why not invest in something that’s fit for any bachelor pad. The Indoor Mini Basketball Kit by KILLSPENCER is a stunning black and gold basketball hoop, made of a maple backboard, a 24-karat ‘Conflict Free’ gold plated breakaway rim, and a black leather net with gold accent. The overall look is an unwritten warning label to children that this is not a toy. Although it comes with a rubber basketball, the more appropriate Mini Black Leather Basketball is sold separately.