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Kammok Ursa Sleep System

Kammok Delivers The Ursa Sleep System

Make the most of your camping experience with a good night’s sleep.

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Kammok is set to launch its 11th Kickstarter project with the Kammok Ursa Sleep System. The outdoor gear designer has had 10 successful Kickstarter projects to date and knows how to implement a successful project. The Ursa Sleep System is a luxurious option for camping gear and features a lifetime warranty.

The system includes a self-inflating base pad that is four inches thick and can support up to 300 lbs. Add a two-inch memory foam topper to the base pad and you’re a full six inches away from rocks and sticks that could result in a rough night’s sleep.

Every outdoorsman knows that bumpy terrain isn’t the only problem when sleeping outdoors. Cool nights can keep you up, seeking out warmth. The Kammok Ursa Sleep System will keep you toasty with an insulated comforter, a hood to keep the head warm, and a built-in foot box to keep your feet warm all night long. Multiple sleep systems can be joined together to make a larger sleeping surface, as well.

Smooth sleeping surface? Check. Warm? Check. How about portability? The Ursa Sleep System is easy to inflate with a one-way valve for inflation and deflation. It’s made with soft, quiet, and machine-washable fabric, making it easy to care for. Each sleep system comes with a travel case and weighs in at 22 lbs when packed while measuring 24inx32inx14in when folded. The Kammok Ursa Sleep System starts at $599 and can be pre-ordered here.

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