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Jay Leno’s Shows Off His 1931 Shotwell

Jay Leno shows off his classic car from 1931 made by a 17-year old from scrap.

Jay Leno’s collection of classic and modern automobiles are a testament to what people will do to indulge their passion for cars. Unlike some celebrities that boast about their exclusive and high priced collection, Leno seems to be genuinely interested in anything with four wheels and a story. He often features some of the most exotic and unusual cars on his show, Jay Leno’s Garage, and when it comes to the unusual he doesn’t seem to be in short supply.

Case in point, the 1931 Shotwell, designed by then 17-year old Bob Shotwell in 1931. It’s a car was was born out of a 17-year old teenager’s dream to own a car. After hearing the news that his father will not be able to buy him a car due to financial restraints, Shotwell went out and built himself a car out of scrap metal and found parts. Truly unique in so many ways, Shotwell even took on a 150,000 mile road trip in the car. Leno has obviously restored the car to more than its former glory, but the resulting automobile is nothing short of amazing. To hear the whole story and Leno’s take on the car, check out the video above.