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Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaning Essential Kit

Keep your sneakers spotless with this essential cleaning kit.

There are many schools of thought into how a sneakerhead should treat their prized possessions. There are people that wouldn’t dare even touch their deadstock new-in-box pair, let alone put their feet in it. Others are more about sporting their fly kicks and would wear their sneakers than merely keep them hidden away in their boxes; after all, they are meant to be worn. Some lucky sneakerheads have made it a point to buy at least three; one to store, one to display, and one to wear. For those of us that aren’t as lucky and fall into the second category, maintaining our kicks in tip top condition is important. Just because we’re willing to wear them doesn’t mean that we’re out to make beaters out of every pair we wear.

That’s why cleaning your sneakers should be an important part of your maintenance routine if you are serious about your kicks. For those that have been looking for the right type of cleaning kit that won’t harm your beloved possessions with harmful chemicals, the Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaning Essential Kit is the perfect place to get you started on properly maintaining your sneakers. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives so that you can rest assured that your kicks will be spotless without any harmful long term effects.

For any sneakerhead, a tattered pair of kicks can be a heart breaking sight. So make sure you take care of yours.