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Highland Systems STORM MPV

Highland System’s Amphibious STORM MPV Is A Hybrid-Powered Personal Tank That Can Be Controlled Remotely

The Storm is a hybrid-powered amphibious Multi-Role Armored Vehicle you can control remotely over any hostile terrain.

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Highland Systems specializes in developing state-of-the-art badassery for military and civilian use. One of Highland Systems’ latest creations is the Storm MPV, a hybrid-powered amphibious Multi-Role Armored Vehicle. It looks like a tank from a G.I. Joe movie and performs like one too. The Storm is designed to be an armored transport vehicle for up to six passengers capable of travel by land or sea. Its armor is strong enough to deflect a 150 mm artillery shell. Highland Systems did not disclose what sort of engine powers the Storm, but we know it is a diesel engine combined with electric motors.

The Highland Systems Storm can travel over any terrain thanks to its tank-tracks and 20-inches of ground clearance and it can hit a max speed of 85 mph – on land. When the road runs into the sea, this 17,600-pound tank can travel up to 30 mph on the water while carrying a max payload of 4,400 lbs. One of the Storm’s highlighted options is a limited autonomous remote control system. The Highland Systems Storm MPV can also be configured with advanced armor plating capable of brushing off hand grenades, IEDs, firearms, land mines, and specific artillery explosives. The Storm’s hybrid-drivetrain allows it to run solely on electric power or be used as a generator and has a total field time of 36 hours – making it suitable for a camping trip weekend or crossing enemy lines.

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Highland Systems STORM MPV

The Highland Systems STORM MPV

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  • Drivetrain: Hybrid
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Curb Weight: 17,600 lbs.
  • Max Speed: 85 mph