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Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Galaxy’s Edge Captain Cardinal Electronic Helmet

Hasbro Unveils Its Star Wars Captain Cardinal Helmet Complete With Electronic Voice Changer

Inspired by the Star Wars Saga, collectors and fans alike will appreciate the authentic detailing of the Captain Cardinal Helmet.

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$ 100

Whether you are going to a Star Wars movie screening, ComicCon, dressing up for Halloween or attending a Star Wars convention, you’ll be a hit wearing the Galaxy’s Edge Captain Cardinal Electronic Helmet. Fans and collectors will no doubt recognize this helmet as belonging to Captain Cardinal, personal guard to Armitage Hux in the First Order. Made by Hasbro, the company now has added the Captain Cardinal Electronic Helmet to its growing collection of The Black Series offerings. The inside of this helmet fits quite comfortably; a nice change from the hard plastic shells of some other character helmets. With its adjustable straps similar to a bicycle helmet, users are ensured of a snug fit that still allows for head movement. Because of the adjustable straps, one size really does fit all. The padding makes it possible to wear this for long periods of time without discomfort.

The helmet has a bright red finish, with black accents used across the lenses and the trimming across the nose and lower neck for an ultra-realistic look. Fitted with an electronic voice changer, users are able to engage in conversations without breaking out of their Stormtrooper role play. The exterior design is accurate down to the last detail and it is constructed with lightweight but durable plastic. Available for preorder now, the Captain Cardinal Electronic Helmet will be released in February.

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