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Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Robot Collector's Edition

Introducing The Robotic, Self-Transforming Optimus Prime

The fully robotic Optimus Prime can transform itself to and from truck form, can drive around in truck form, and is fully moveable.

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$ 700

Marking a unique collaboration between Robosen and Hasbro, the Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Robot Collector’s Edition is an industry-first interactive, auto-converting, mobile controlled, voice-activated Optimus Prime Robot. Users can bring their beloved Optimus Prime to life simply through the utilization of mobile app controls or through voice activation. It is now possible— that which many young kids merely dreamed of in the infancy of Hasbro— to actually make an Optimus Prime transformer drive, blast, walk, punch, and even convert with the touch of a button or swipe of a screen.

Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Robot Collector’s Edition, along with its immensely cool converting feature also contains 80 different sound effects, which includes various sayings voiced by the original voice of the Autobot leader and genuine ‘converting’ sounds. As a noted adversary to Decepticon leader Megatron, Optimus Prime always stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to his superior leadership skills and immense sense of morality. This specific duplication of the beloved and revered character stands 19 inches tall, is a G1 design, and features the world’s most advanced collection of premium materials, forming 5,000 components and 60 microchips. This is far from the toys of old that would sometimes be challenging to convert. This robot-like specimen is the truest to life it can possibly be outside the Transformer universe. Consequently, there has never been an easier way to convert and roll out!

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