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Briiv Air Filter

Harness The Power Of Plants With The Briiv Air Filter

The Briiv Air Filter is billed as the world’s most sustainable air purifier.

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$ 415.00

Huckberry recently added the Briiv Air Filter to its new and innovative products collection. The company says the filter’s coconut fibers and cutting-edge silk carbon fabrics are fully biodegradable. Not only that, but this eco-friendly filter works as effectively as plastic filters. The Briiv Air Filter features biodegradable materials that filter air, including coconut, moss, wool, and carbon. It can cycle the air in a 20-foot x 20-foot room in an hour and it charges via USB cable.

Each natural substance making up this innovative air filter effectively traps fine particulates, pollen, and mold spores. First, moss is a pre-filter material to remove dust and dander from the air. Similarly, coconut husk traps large particulates, such as pollen and other allergens. The activated charcoal pulls odors from the air. What’s more, sheep wool is as effective as a plastic HEPA filter. The big difference is that it’s also 100% biodegradable. Huckberry says the Briiv Air Filter is also unique, as it is a smart device that is compatible with smart speakers. Users control it via a smartphone, with a high-tech design offering multiple speed modes and an intuitive interface. The Briiv Air Filter kit provides a minimalist and natural look and feel. Each kit includes one moss, one coconut, and four matrix filters, enough to last for an entire year.

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