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Petoi Robot Dog Bittle X

Meet The Petoi Robot Dog Bittle X

A programmable open-source voice-controlled robot dog.

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In the early 2000s, movies such as Steven Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence hinted at a future in which children played with complex robotic toys capable of various interactive features. The release of the Petoi Robot Dog Bittle X takes us one step closer to fully realizing this vision of robotics, delivering outstanding performance in a compact package.

The pre-assembled package delivers everything you need to get the Robot Dog Bittle X up and running, with a rechargeable battery, spare servo, development board, and pre-built robot dog. For more adventurous programmers and robotics hobbyists, there’s also a construction package for in-depth experimentation. Here, you’ll get a high-impact, injection-molded frame and all the parts and servos needed to dive into the core features.

The Robot Dog Bittle X is fully loaded with over 35 predefined voice commands, ranging from front flips and pushups to basic stepping and other realistic articulated movements. An optional sensor pack and intelligent camera module allow the robot dog to recognize and track object motion and distance. This gives it an out-of-the-box versatility for kids to introduce them to various aspects of robotics.

Those with a background in programming languages such as C++, Scratch, and Python can dive into the Petoi Robot Dog Bittle X’s full range of capabilities. The robot can be programmed to perform a wide range of realistic articulated movements with its easy-to-develop AI platform. It’s the perfect gift for engineering students and aspiring coders developing their knowledge and skills.

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