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The idea of wireless internet was a great one, but now and then we are left to our own frustrations when things don’t go the way they are supposed to. Spotty speeds, bandwidth issues, and the dreaded power down for 30 seconds and wait until the flashing lights turn solid routine make internet more difficult than it should be.

Today, Google unveiled its plans to take over your wifi at home with the introduction of the OnHub, a wifi router developed in partnership with TP-LINK. The idea is to simplify the wifi experience at home through a much better looking device that is also smarter.

OnHub will make setting up easier, but also keep track of the network’s health, allowing you to be online at the fastest possible speed. It doesn’t have any physical buttons or annoying lights, as most functions are controlled from an Android or iOS app.

Planned to go on sale online through the Google Store, Amazon, or, the OnHub will run you $200 and will be available for preorder starting today. Retail stores will start carrying them in a few weeks.