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Apple Mac mini M2 & M2 Pro

Apple Just Unveiled The Most Affordable And Powerful Mac Mini Yet

The next generation of Mac mini with superior compatibility, more unified memory, faster SSD storage, and more.

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$ 599+

Apple released the first Mac mini in January 2005. The Mac mini is Apple’s most compact desktop computer; it comes without a monitor, mouse, or keyboard. What was first seen as Apple’s introduction to a more budget-friendly Mac experience, the Mac mini now serves hundreds of purposes, from gaming to sharing presentations, working, and large-scale creating.

Apple just unveiled its newest Mac mini with the choice between an M2 or M2 Pro chip. Users enjoy more memory, faster performance, and superior connectivity, whichever model they choose. The M2 chip offers support for two displays, while the M2 Pro includes support for up to three. The M2 Pro also provides top-level performance for the Mac mini, allowing users to operate more complex workflows than imaginable for past mini models.

The new Mac mini models provide unrivaled desktop experiences, encouraging superior creativity and productivity at the comfortable Mac mini price point. The Mac mini with an M2 chip starts at $599. That means users can upgrade their current setup with unrivaled capabilities for a fraction of the price of an entirely new Mac.

Compared to the current bestselling Windows desktop, the Mac mini with M2 is up to five times faster. Image editing with the M2 in Adobe Photoshop is 50 percent faster than with the previous generation M1.

The Mac mini with M2 Pro is even more dynamic, as it can handle extremely powerful plug-ins for music production and massive images provided by photographers. Gaming is up to 15 times faster than the fastest Mac mini with Intel. The new Mac mini with M2 or M2 Pro chip will be available Tuesday, January 24, 2023, but eager buyers can place their orders today.

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