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No need to master your wifi’s feng shui anymore with this smart router.

As more devices connect to our home’s wifi, the limitation of our current setup is becoming more evident. Blocked behind walls and other obstacles, the wireless signal blocked by our router’s physical limitations are becoming the largest hurdle to fast and reliable wifi in our homes. If we and our devices are mobile, why can’t our wifi keep up with us?

Instead of requiring you to master your router’s feng shui to find the perfect location, Plume is a smart wireless router that adapts to the needs of you and your devices in real time. All you have to do is connect the various Plume connectors to your home’s outlets, and the device takes care of the rest. The small and beautifully designed form factor is only made better with its brain, learning your wifi habits for the best performance. For example, if you congregate in the kitchen after school and work with your devices, it’ll know to beef up its strength there. It also understands which devices need the most wifi, calibrating it’s strength accordingly so you aren’t wasting your wifi signal on simple devices like your connected thermostat. Welcome to the new age of wifi.