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Flint and Tinder 10-Year Collection

Flint and Tinder Drops Its 10-Year Collection

With a decade-long guarantee, how could you NOT consider owning one of Flint and Tinder’s hoodies or pullovers?

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What’s great looking and destined to last for at least a decade? In men’s fashion circles, the Flint and Tinder 10-Year Collection immediately springs to mind. The collection consists of 10-Year Hoodies and Pullovers designed with integrity and attention to detail. As one of Huckberry’s core in-house brands, Flint and Tinder commits to American craftmanship as a cornerstone of its mission. “A 10-year investment in your closet. A 10-year investment in America,” claims their slogan, and it is an ethos that serves the label well.

Made with cotton from the Mississippi Delta and extra-soft fleece from South Carolina, each piece Flint and Tinder makes is meant to take a beating and keep its durability intact. These are sturdy, no-fuss, no-nonsense garments that focus on the centralized concepts that are often overlooked in favor of highfalutin design, namely fit, quality, and construction. That they actually live up to their potential and then some is reason for celebration. It is the rare hoodie that survives a decade and beyond, yet these do with remarkable ease. The Flint and Tinder repair team is always on standby, however, if a plush hoodie or sweatshirt needs a little TLC. They perform all fixes free of charge and send them right back. It is a testament to the label’s commitment to quality and its dedication to endurance.

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