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Seager x Huckberry Capsule Collection

Presenting The Seager x Huckberry Capsule Collection

A collection for outdoorsmen who relish adventure, wherever it may take them.

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The American wild west served as a kind of proving ground for the folks who first explored it during the country’s expansion. It was definitely a time and place where one needed to have rugged determination to survive. This spirit is the inspiration behind the newly-released Seager x Huckberry Capsule Collection. Seager’s apparel and accessories cater to men who love the outdoors and this Capsule Collection pays tribute to this. Featuring hard-wearing accessories, graphic tees, a western snap shirt, and so much more, this collection is well-suited for a road trip out into the dusty wilderness.

The Seager x Huckberry Capsule Collection also includes a Bushwhacker Hat, modeled after vintage military styles, complete with a leather strap and wooden toggle to keep it in place. Also available is a jacket called Earp, named after legendary gunman Wyatt Earp, that sports a snug wool outer and polyester blanket lining. Suitable to bring along for that road trip, there are bandanas, oxford cotton twill snapback hats, a bottle opener, and a tall boy-sized tumbler. Seager and Huckberry even threw in a 5-pack container of Seagerette Coffee for fueling those rugged adventures wherever they make take you.

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