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Ember Mug

Take full control of your coffee temperature, even on the go.

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For the serious coffee drinker, there are a lot of things that can spoil a good cup; temperature, what its served in, the roast, freshness, etc… and the list goes on and on. This obsession may seem strange to those that are not initiated to the pleasures of enjoying a nice brew, but some go as far as take coffee making a ritualistic, almost religious experience. With more and more people relying on coffee to start their morning and keep them awake at work, coffee has become an integral part of the workplace. Some resort to getting a cup from their local Starbucks for the freshness and taste, but in the long run the costs can add up to an amount that might not be easy to ignore. Not only that, the coffee served in paper cups are in most cases either scalding hot or lukewarm. Carrying a tumbler to the office poses its own challenges too, with your coffee sitting in a tumbler for hours that merely maintaining an uneven temperature.

As the only thing that will most likely get you through the day, there’s been a surprising lack of innovation when it comes to drinking coffee. The Ember mug sets out to change that, letting you control the temperature of your coffee with an intuitive easy to use interface. The temperature adjustable mug will maintain your desired temperature for up to two hours on the go and even all day with a charging coaster. There’s also an app to control the Ember mug, which may seem like overkill, but the convenience of being able to control your presets should be incredibly useful for those that like to drink a variety of different blends at different temperatures. Not only that, you will know exactly what temperature your coffee is, alleviating you from the painful experience of burning the roof of your mouth. No wonder they had to write those stupid warning labels about contents being hot. Don’t let scalding hot/lukewarm coffee ruin your morning; take control over your coffee with the Ember mug.