Sharp Pebble Knife Sharpening Stone

Don’t use dull cutlery, but don’t toss them either.

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$ 39

Want a good way to lose a finger or two? Keep using those dull knives passed down from your mom — or that you received as a housewarming gift a decade ago. Dull knives not only shred and hack your food into unappealing and ragged chunks, but also you’re far more likely to get a nasty cut when you use them. A dull knife requires force to push through an object and can even slide or bounce off. When this happens, cutting the tomatoes you want for your sandwich becomes an extreme sport, one that could very well end in a trip to the emergency room.

So what to do with all that dull cutlery? Don’t toss it, sharpen it. A few long, smooth strokes on the Sharp Pebble Knife Sharpening Stone reveals a finely honed edge that cuts cleanly and smoothly. You won’t believe the difference a real sharpening stone makes for kitchen knives, tools, and even your Swiss army knife. Say goodbye to ugly chunks of food and say hello to mirror-bright, keen edges for every knife you own.