Rain Straw

Rain Straw

A reusable straw that easily slides apart to clean, yet won’t leak due to its patent-pending airlock design.

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The Rain Straw is a reusable utensil that’s on a mission to save millions of sea turtles by utilizing a simple design that’s surprisingly genius. Reusable straws are a popular option for environmentally conscious consumers who want to limit their carbon footprints. However, despite the clear benefit for the environment, persistent problems plague their cleanliness, introducing an off-putting concern for an otherwise highly desirable product. Rain’s pioneering design takes any hygiene issues out of the equation. Engineered to quickly slide apart, the straw is easy to clean, making it perfect for prolonged use.

The sliding design gives consumers access to the interior of the straw to give it a thorough cleaning between use. That bold design is 100% BPA free and dishwasher safe. Despite its deconstructable mechanics, the company’s patent-pending airlock design guarantees an airtight channel for liquids to pass through without any worries about losing effectiveness or having your next sip squirt out the side of your straw. The durable design is tailored for a universal fit that slides into any lid with ease so you can enjoy your favorite drink without any mess. The straw comes in an array of colorways from subtle slate to bold aqua blue.