Replace Your Straw With ZTRAW

ZTRAW can easily be opened up, making it simple to clean and more hygienic than other re-usable straws made from steel or glass.

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ZTRAW lets you enjoy your favorite drinks without harming any baby seat turtles. That’s because the reusable straw helps avoid single-use plastic that just ends up in a landfill or polluting the ocean. Each year 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans, on top of the 150 tons already contaminating that precious environment. Thankfully, ZTRAW’s patent-pending design, the reusable straw offers a portable, easy-to-use alternative.

ZTRAW is made out of a proprietary material that is more durable than paper, more hygienic than bamboo, and better at balancing temperature than steel. The material is vegan, BPA free, and food-grade. It’s able to handle temperatures between -10°C to 120°C. It lasts through over 1,000 folds and can even be opened up to easily be cleaned. The portable straw even comes with its own pouch so you can carry it around with ease while keeping it clean between sips.