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Egoé nest Nestbox

Egoé Nestbox Lets You Turn Your Car Into A Camper

Nextbox modules offer everything from storage space to sleeping accommodations while Egoé provides accessories to get the most out of each.

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$ 3,400

The Egoé Nestbox helps breathe new life into your vehicle to inspire a road trip to explore new destinations, helping make unforgettable memories all along the way. The Czech-based company offers a line of modules that seamlessly fit into the existing luggage compartments of vehicles to make them more capable of handling life on the open road. Best of all, the utility of the Nestbox means that you don’t need to invest in a brand new camper to get away, so you have no excuse to keep you from hitting the open road.

The self-contained and easy-to-assemble Egoé Nestbox is made to fit into different van and SUV models. The modules offer storage for daily essentials with four different versions — the Roamer, Hiker, Supertramp, and Camper. Each module is made for vehicles of different sizes and shapes with Egoé considerately providing a list of compatible vehicles. The Nestbox range offers everything from carefully organized storage to sleeping space. Egoé also provides a range of accessories including bags, pillows, and a mattress to get the most out of each Nestbox to optimize any camping experience.