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Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

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Regardless of which country you live in, real estate prices in large metropolitan cities have become downright ridiculous. If you’re one of these metropolitans wanting a nice, cozy home but don’t come from a millionaire family, Ecocapsule might be an option for you.

Developed by Nice Architects, a young architectural studio based in Slovakia, Ecocapsule is a low-energy house packed into a pod that looks like a silver egg. Even though small in size, each Ecocapsule is equipped with household facilities necessary for everyday life: a folding bed, built-in kitchenette with running water, flushing toilet, and hot shower.

The body of an Ecocapsule is covered with 2.6m² of high-efficiency solar cells and a retractable pole holding a 750W wind turbine that can generate enough power to run the small home for almost an entire year in many off-grid locations. The real question is where to put it — perhaps you could get away by placing it next to a skyscraper, posing as some kind of contemporary sculpture.