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EAVES BLIND Aficionado 2023

Marianne Eaves’ Blind Whiskey Tasting Program Is Back

EAVES BLIND Aficionado 2023 is a sequel surrounded by firsts.

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For starters, the EAVES BLIND Aficionado 2023 is curated by Marianne Eaves, Kentucky’s first female master distiller. A Woodford Reserve alum, Eaves was also the creative force behind Sweetens Cove and Black Steel Bourbon. To help with 2023’s blind tasting program, Eaves has brought on Master Blender Eboni Major as creative director. Major, the first African American whiskey blender, made waves with her work at Bulleit Bourbon. Her first blend became the inaugural batch of Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select series.

The $1,000 purchase includes nine 100 ML bourbon samples blended by Eaves and Major alongside nine single-barrel selections from the duo, all sourced from distilleries across the United States. The sleek black box includes three black crystal tasting glasses, educational materials about the selections, and an Eaves-led tasting and instruction video for each panel. Purchasers get first access to future EAVES BLIND programs and events.

Aspiring aficionados will also learn patience: the box’s three sections are locked to start, with Eaves distributing the keys to each portion throughout 2023. Those who’d like to reach bourbon nirvana can spend an additional $1,500 to receive full bottles of Eaves and Major’s blends at the end of the program.

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