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Inkar x Pininfarina iPhone CaseInkar x Pininfarina iPhone Case

Inkar And Pininfarina Collaborate On Limited Edition iPhone Cases

This elegant case pays homage to the iconic Pininfarina Modulo concept car.

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Inkar, a luxury collaboration brand featuring the latest technologies, just unveiled the new Inkar x Pininfarina iPhone Cases. The company says it is the first collaboration with the iconic automotive design studio Pininfarina. Together, the partnership designed and produced a limited edition of 99 iPhone cases to fit the 13 Pro and 14 Pro. Inkar says they used the dead-stock leathers of Pininfarina automobiles. Each Inkar x Pininfarina iPhone Case is fully customizable and features an engraved serial number. Fans will find a choice of five colors, two lens leathers, and ten artisan-produced plates inspired by natural wood, carbon fiber, and aluminum.

The Inkar x Pininfarina iPhone Case design found its inspiration in the legendary concept car Pininfarina Modulo, which debuted in 1970 at the Geneva Motor Show. The cases are handcrafted in Italy and use the latest technology. For example, Paolo Lugaro, a Pininfarina designer, reimagined the Pininfarina Modulo with a detailed design for the cases, featuring 24 holes reminiscent of the engine cover. Additionally, five of the cases are exclusive redline silver, hand-drawn by artisans. Inkar says they will issue an NFT as a certificate of authenticity produced by artists, including George Tyebcho and Dima Konjaria, who collaborated on artwork for the iPhone case. Fans will be able to purchase these collectible limited-edition cases beginning December 1st.

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