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Ducati draXter

Ducati draXter

What a way to celebrate its own 90th birthday.

It’s a great year for Ducati as they celebrate their 90th birthday this year. Despite being only a decade away from being a centenarian, Ducati is out to prove that it’s still young at heart by introducing the draXter, a sporty interpretation of the XDiavel.

As the name might suggest, the draXter is a dragster at heart, with racing components fitted to this extreme bike. Although the bike is based on the XDiavel series, racing components like suspension and brakes from the Panigale Superbike matched with dramatic lines and proportions let you know that this is a bike made for speed. It proudly wears the number 90 on the side, a nod to the company’s age as if to challenge the onlookers if they’ve ever seen a 90-year-old with so much vigor and style.