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Bowmore x Aston Martin ARC-52

Bowmore And Aston Martin Partner To Release A 52-Year Old Single Malt Whisky

The innovative sculptural design of the decanter was engineered by the team at Aston Martin.

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$ 75,000

For years, Bowmore has been the gold standard when it comes to flavorful, high-quality whisky. Now the single malt whisky is displayed better than ever, with a rare masterpiece in whisky vessel design. Created as the latest collaborative project between Bowmore and Aston Martin, the Bowmore x Aston Martin ARC-52 whisky vessel tests the bounds of innovation, design, and aesthetics.

The ARC-52 special-edition collection is a single malt whisky that has matured for 52 years. Resting in a sherry butt and American oak ex-Bourbon hogshead, this rare whisky is a masterpiece balancing the rich, full flavor whisky connoisseurs have come to know and love. The whisky itself is “a marriage of two cask styles”, Bowmore said, combining 50% an American Oak Hogshead and 50% European Oak Butt matured whiskies, giving “herbal and medicinal notes combined with exotic fruits, praline and butterscotch to finish”.

The Bowmore x Aston Martin ARC-52 vessel has its own style and design. The vessel demonstrates cutting-edge technology and symbolizes the journey to discover beauty and design. The ARC-52 whisky vessel was designed by the team of car visionaries at Aston Martin. The glass vessel features man-made shapes and contours while creating a delicate pivot point. The whisky vessel balances on just two points at the bottom of the vessel, making it appear weightless.

Only 100 hand-blown decanters are being created, each numbered with a certificate of authentication, and these will be released on a staggered basis. 50 bottles will be available to purchase later this summer, with the remaining 50 being released in early 2023. The ARC-52 will be available in key global markets including the UK, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada, China, and Singapore. While the Bowmore x Aston Martin ARC-52 release has just been announced, fans eagerly await more details, like the much-anticipated release date. To stay up to date regarding the availability, release, and price of this limited-edition whisky vessel designed in partnership with Aston Martin, collectors are encouraged to join the priority mailing list available on the Bowmore website.