Boosted Rev

Boosted Rev Electric Scooter

This vehicle-grade, dual-wheel drive electric scooter packs speed, power, and safety.

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$ 1,599

Not your typical electric scooter, the vehicle-grade Boosted Rev is designed to be a serious form of transportation for your daily commute. From top to bottom, the refined, polished design of the Boosted Rev electric scooter stands out as one of its most obvious highlights, but its internals sport a powertrain that delivers unparalleled performance.

The dual-wheel drive Boosted Rev features a top speed of 24 mph and can travel up to 22 miles on a single charge, while being able to climb a 25% slope incline with ease. With three different foolproof ways to brake, intuitive display and controls, and safe and durable vehicle-grade construction, this electric scooter is a no-brainer for the daily commuter.