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Bodega Norton Privada

Bodega Norton Privada

The world of wine can be a confusing mess, with words like ‘terroir’ being thrown around that may be more confusing than helpful. Red wine is especially difficult as the aromas and flavors can cover a wide range, from hints or fruit and coffee to even cow dung, if the wine isn’t that particularly good. The ultimate truth to wine is that good wine is what tastes good to you, whether you are a wine snob or a novice — who wants to drink anything that tastes of cow dung?

When you’re looking for a nice red and trying to decide between a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, or even Malbec, why not just go with something that is a blend of all three? The Bodega Norton Privada is an extraordinary blend that captures the essence of all three that works meticulously well. Among recent years, the vintage of choice is the 2012 which makes for a powerful Malbec blend. It’s a rich full bodied wine that doesn’t feel overwhelming but can keep up with the big boys at a reasonable price at around $26.

Just make sure that you keep an extra bottle around as the hefty weight of the bottle will keep you thinking there’s more left in the bottle that there actually is.