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Ben & Jerry’s x New Belgium Brewing

A convincing excuse to consume more beer and ice cream.

Ice cream? Good. Beer? Even better. It may seem strange but a combination of the two? The logic leads us to think that it will be something fantastically amazing, and for those that have tried any ice cream and beer combination will be able to attest to that.

If you need more convincing, Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewing Company will assist you in elevating your pedestrian palette with their new collaborative effort, the Ben & Jerry’s x New Belgium Brewing ice cream and beer. The Ben & Jerry’s x New Belgium Brewing doesn’t simply mix ice cream and beer, which would have been the obvious but less imaginative solution. Their creative yet genius approach was for New Belgium to create a brown ale with a hint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in its flavor, while Ben & Jerry’s went with an ice cream with a hint of brown ale: A collaborate effort without breaching each other’s area of specialty.

The collaboration was more than just for the sake of a unique ice cream and beer experience, but rather to raise awareness for global warming, making this joint effort that much more enticing. More than that, it give us another excuse to drink beer and also eat ice cream. Looks like we’ll be making good use of that gym membership that we’ve forgotten about.