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Barebones Vintage Flashlight

This Barebones Flashlight Offers Modern Technology With Vintage Charm

The Barebones Vintage Flashlight has 24 hours of battery life. Once that runs out, it can be easily recharged with its USB charging cable.

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$ 58

Are you into all those classic ‘70s and ‘80s movies — the horror-oriented or sci-fi-oriented or at least garden-variety thrillers— where somebody stumbles out into the woods beyond the house with a blazing flashlight? Or maybe the romance of that era just evokes a sense of nostalgia that drives you to binge-watch each season of Stranger Things. Thanks to the Barebones Vintage Flashlight, you’ve got a thoroughly modern version of those throwback torches you can actually use in your outdoor adventures or around the house once that inevitable blackout follows in the wake of a heart wave and you’re stuck trying to bungle your way over to the fuse box.

Ruggedly built out of aluminum and steel, the water-resistant Barebones Vintage Flashlight blazes out an LED beam that adds modern technology into its vintage charm. Thanks to the hook on its base, you can hang this up to illuminate any environment. You’ll enjoy 24-hours of juice with this flashlight, and once it runs out of power it can easily be recharged via the USB charging cable. Whether you’re throwing this into your car for roadside emergencies, packing it up before you head out camping, or stowing it under the kitchen sink to have at home, the Barebones Vintage Flashlight has your back — in style, to boot.