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Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor

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The average human being breathes in about 3,000 gallons of air everyday. Although some may naively equate air with oxygen, there are other things that we breathe in and out everyday without even knowing what it is. With air quality affecting our mood, sleep, productivity, and other health related issues like allergies, our ignorance on what we’ve been breathing in everyday may cause long term health issues.

The Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor seeks to rectify this situation by reintroducing you to the air that you had taken for granted. By getting a bit more intimate and personal with the air you breathe, it can tell you exactly what the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, toxic chemicals, and dust levels are in your surrounding air. Once it learns what’s important to you, like allergy concerns, sleep quality, or productivity, it will constantly learn your preferences and give you suggestions on how to improve the air quality through its own dedicated app.