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Joseph Joseph Totem Intelligent Waste Bin

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Looking back to our childhood, many guys should be able to relate to how much we hated taking out the trash. It was that one chore that we just hated, for reasons more than the fact that it interrupted us at the most inopportune moments; when we were in the middle of a winning streak in Mario Cart or drooling over the latest issue of our older brother’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. It wasn’t only the garbage that we had to throw out, but the crowning moment of each night sorting through the recycling that the whole family had carelessly thrown into a box.

Seems like the fills at British kitchenware design firm Joseph Joseph had had a similar childhood experience, as their Totem is a thoughtfully designed complete waste disposal system. By separating and compartmentalizing spaces for garbage, recycling, and food waste, it has simplified the process of sorting waste while keeping your kitchen tidy. So when you have to take out the trash, you won’t feel like a pubescent teenager anymore, and if, and only if you have a kid, you can make sure to taunt them about how easy they have it these days.