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Cactus Tongue Bike Hanger

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Modern day bicycles have come a long way from the basic form of transportation it once was, demanding price tags that can be in the thousands of dollars to some even fetching prices that are close to that of some cars. For many cycling enthusiasts, their prized possessions are seen as mechanical marvels worth every penny, but at home these bikes can become a cumbersome burden, taking up valuable space in your foyer, hallway, or even living room.

Why not give your pride and joy its own place while freeing up valuable floor space in your home? The Cactus Tongue Bike Hanger can be secured to your wall, so that your bike can have a place to rest without getting in the way of your life at home. Made from a curved stainless steel, the hanger also has leather contact pads where it meets your bike. It’s a simple and classy solution for your indoor bike storage needs.