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Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Introduces Its All-New Dynamic Apple Watch Ultra

The Ultra sports a titanium case, making it the perfect companion for all outdoor adventures.

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$ 799

Designed to blow away the industry standards regarding a rugged, durable, and functional smartwatch, the new Apple Watch Ultra is constructed with lightweight titanium. Equipped with an enhanced structure, the new smartwatch is designed with features intended for those exploring the outdoors. With improved GPS, extended battery life, and specialized safety features, the Apple Watch Ultra is ideally designed for adventure.

The Apple Watch Ultra is packed full of features and ready for action. Users will find improved physical control over multiple actions with the new raised crown and side button, perfect for gloved fingers. The Action Button can be fully customized, giving users easy access to commonly used applications. Set the Action Button to control the compass, mark a waypoint, start an underwater dive, or program a workout.

Improved safety and tracking features help define the new Apple Watch Ultra. A dual-frequency GPS can help calculate pace, route, and distance while providing accurate location points. Safety features are easily accessed with the single push side button. Use the emergency side button to make a call, recall your Medical ID, or sound the siren. Dual speakers and a three-microphone array help round out improved functionality for outdoor conditions.

The watch face can easily transition to Night Mode, with a vivid red face and Digital Crown. The face can display a live compass with eight complications, ideal for low light conditions in the outdoors. Made with durability in mind, the new Apple Watch Ultra features a titanium case that promises corrosion resistance while still being ultra-lightweight. The face is made with sapphire crystal to prevent dings and scratches, and the watch is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Extended battery life means the Apple Watch Ultra can go up to 36 hours of normal use or 60 hours of low power use between charges.

Intended for the avid outdoors person, the new Apple Watch Ultra is available for pre-order. The Apple Watch Ultra is priced at $799 and has a variety of band materials and color options. The watch is set to ship and hit retail stores beginning on September 23, 2022.