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Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Unveils The New Apple Watch Series 8

The new watch features an Always-On Retina display.

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$ 399+

One of the newest Apple Watches is set to hit retail stores in the coming days. Promising trusted functionality and simplicity with an improved focus on safety, health, and fitness, the new Apple Watch Series 8 will surely excite Apple fans with its much-anticipated release.

Apple brings a focus to health and wellness with improved health monitoring. The new Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to track and log personal temperature over time, perfect for timing cycles and ovulation, making family planning easy. The smartwatch will also feature a Sleep app that can measure how much time is spent in REM, Core, and Deep sleep, in addition to the time spent awake each night. Other health trackers include an ECG app and the ability to measure blood oxygen at just the touch of a button.

Another highlight of the Apple Watch Series 8 is the improved safety monitoring and detection features. Now, the device can measure hard falls and tumbles and connect the user with emergency services if unresponsive. The Fall Detection feature is fully enabled while using the Workout app. The smartwatch also has an Emergency SOS feature which will not only call emergency service via a convenient side button but also share the user’s location.

Like all Apple Watches, the new Apple Watch Series 8 boasts beautiful, seamless styling with a no-fuss yet durable construction. The Always-On display pushes the screen to the edge while maintaining an elegantly curved case. The Always-On feature also helps to display the watch’s face in bright, easy-to-read colors, even when the wrist is turned down. Designed to be durable and rugged, the Apple Watch Series 8 is crack, dust, and water-resistant, with a stunning WR50 water resistance feature making the smartwatch swim-proof.

The new Apple Watch Series 8 is available for pre-order, shipping the watch worldwide on September 16, 2022. Prices vary for the new Apple Watch depending on the chosen wristband. With countless options, buyers will find the new Apple Watch priced between $399 and $749.