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Alef Aeronautics Flying Car

Alef Aeronautics Model A Flying Car Earns Its Wings With FAA Certification

Low land speed, high altitude.

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$ 300,000+

The topic of flying cars has been discussed, hyped, developed, and tested with bold claims of going into production since the turn of the last century. While some prototypes have taken off, there are no road-legal flying cars with FAA certification in mass production. However, California-based Alef Aeronautics recently made a significant leap by being the first fully electric vehicle that can fly and drive to receive U.S. government approval.

The Alef Aeronautics Model A flying car recently received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, thus acknowledging the vehicle as a certified aircraft. The Model A still needs to be approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to be deemed road legal, but you gotta fly before you can drive.

As for the Alef Aeronautics Model A, the vehicle offers vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. It can carry up to two occupants with a claimed range of over 200 miles on the road and 110 miles in the air. It is categorized as a “low-speed vehicle,” meaning its top speed is around 25 mph on paved roads. Alef justifies the low land cruising speed by stating that if the Model A pilot/driver needs a faster route, they can take to the air.

Alef Aeronautics’ expects the Model A to sell for the hefty sum of $300,000, with the first delivery projected by the end of 2025. The company also claims it has received over 400 refundable deposits for this flying car.

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