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adidas Y-3 IOGO

adidas Y-3 Unveils The Iogo

The Y-3 Iogo uses zero glue and only five components, which are numbered on each part of the shoe.

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$ 600

Upgrade your shoe game with the all-new adidas Y-3 Iogo, the latest in streetwear sustainability that will keep your feet comfortable and your conscious light. Made from just five components and zero glue, the Y-3 Iogo is a momentous footwear option for eco-focused guys who don’t want to sacrifice quality to get a good-looking and stylish shoe. Sound familiar? If so, the iconic brand likely had you in mind when they created this comfort-focused futuristic design.

Another feature of this latest Yohji Yamamoto creation is that the midsole can be changed, including a plush BOOST for comfort, plus a nimble Lightstrike iteration. The Y-3 symbolizes the pivotal shift in the fashion industry to a more sustainable approach to footwear. The slip-on elastic strap makes these easy to get on and off, along with the thoughtfully engineered upper to keep your dogs cool and comfortable in any environment.

Whether you’re committed to shopping for more sustainable brands or love the hottest trends in footwear, you already know that Adidas wrote the book on the collision of comfort and style. Since the 1940s, the iconic three stripes have adorned the highest quality apparel and footwear that money can buy. As consumer demands and interests shift, adidas has pushed the envelope on what we can expect from the biggest brands in the game. The shoe is simply another epic contribution to a more sustainable and ecological future. The Y-3 Iogo is now available for $600 on the adidas website.

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