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Presenting Stone Island’s Spring Summer ‘023 Colour Story Pink Gradients Collection

A collection containing shades of magenta, pink, cyclamen, and ink blue.

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Since 1982, Italian fashion brand Stone Island has been revered as a pillar of innovative design. Owner and garment engineer, Massimo Osti, is touted for his use of high-quality textiles and fibers and extreme functionality in every product made. As a brand, Stone Island is passionate about crafting clothing for both aesthetics and utility, equally. Nothing rings truer than the latest Spring and Summer 2023 Colour Story Pink Gradients collection from Stone Island which tells a charming color story in various gradients of pink.

Fill your spring wardrobe with bright, radiant colors like magenta, pink, and cyclamen, among many others. Dark and neutral shades are also available if that’s more your style. From fitted cargo pants, sweatshirts and shorts, casual tees, zip-ups, and bombers, you’ll find everything you need for the season of venturing into the world after the long, dark winter.

Many of Stone Island’s items are garment dyed to perfection and give a worn, soft look to any article of clothing. The brand’s attention to detail is astonishing; you’ll find ribbed necklines and cuffs, slanting zippers, and overlock seams for an extra touch of refinement you didn’t know you needed. Stone Island’s engineered fabrics and manufacturing techniques have been turning heads for over three decades. Join the revolution and shop the collection here.

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