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adidas Stan Smith Mylo

adidas Launches The Mushroom-Based Stan Smith Mylo

The mycelium leather called Mylo was originally unveiled by US biotech company Bolt Threads in 2018.

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Made possible by the successful combination of a beloved and classic silhouette and a revolutionary technology making sustainability possible, comes the adidas Stan Smith Mylo. This innovative shoe is the first-ever sneaker made by adidas that utilizes the mushroom-based material, Mylo. This renewable material produces a leather-like appearance that can be made into any color or finish. It is made exclusively from renewable mycelium, or the vegetative part of a fungus, which is grown very quickly — in fewer than two weeks — thanks to a cutting-edge vertical agriculture growing technique.

The adidas Stan Smith Mylo is the most recent launch under the company’s Regenerative Loop Initiative that promises to produce products “made with nature.” Amy Jones Vaterlaus, Global Head of Future for the brand, says the following about the exciting launch of the product proudly made with renewable materials, “The introduction of Mylo as a new material is a major step forward in our bold ambition to help end plastic waste. We must learn to work with nature rather than against it and put all our efforts into finding innovative solutions…” The cream-colored shoe is made possible thanks to a collaborative partnership between adidas and Bolt Threads, a biotech company that is committed to the utilization of advanced materials in product creation. Its launch date has yet to be announced.

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