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A Night Drive With Iconic Classic Cars

Mr. Porter and Hexagon bring these breathtaking iconic classic cars to life in London.

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The ultimate lifestyle choice for men might be deciding to drive a classic car, as its beauty and charm demonstrates the lifestyle of a true gentleman. However, when it comes to these art on wheels, the driver becomes insignificant and only an interchangeable part in the illustrious history of the classic automobile.

The short film by MR PORTER and Hexagon, a leading classic car dealer in London, highlights the cars themselves, not who’s driving them. It’s an ‘amusing story about how cars relate to each other. Not humans. Cars,’ according to Paul Michaels, the founder of Hexagon. An interesting take on how some classic cars can eclipse its driver or owner, the short film shamelessly shows off the incredible beauty of these machines. You can also read the full story at MR PORTER.