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11 Ravens Stealth Pool Table

A Luxury Pool Table Available Only For Rolls-Royce Owners

Available exclusively to Rolls-Royce owners, the release of the 11 Ravens Stealth Pool Table is limited to just five pieces.

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$ 250,000

While classic pool tables have their place, they may not fit in with the interior design of your home. 11 Ravens offers a bold alternative worthy of even the most magnificent man cave. The phrase “rack ‘em up” takes on all new meaning with the 11 Ravens Stealth Pool Table. Simply put — you’ve never seen a pool table like this before. Drawing influence from the undetectable Stealth Bomber, this sleek, chic pool table manages to pull off a similarly impressive feat as the iconic aircraft from which it gets its name: it is both unobtrusive and unforgettable. Despite its stealth aesthetic, the pool table radiates opulence with its 14K gold sheets and black Lucite panels. Yes, you read that right – it’s made of gold.

One way to make sure your pool table hits its target? Take advantage of 11 Ravens’ customization options, which allows you to make the man cave or game room of your wildest dreams a reality with choices of cloths and lacquers, different wood stains, and a veneer or laminate finish. Even the billiard balls themselves can be customized. If that’s not enough, the table also doubles up as an arena to host your next ping pong battle. Oh, but there is one catch. It’s available only to Rolls-Roybe owners via their exclusive app ‘Whispers.’