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Yema Superman 500 GMT

YEMA’s Superman 500 Collection

For the first time ever, YEMA has made the Superman 500 Collection water resistant to 500 meters.

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$ 1,249+

Relying heavily on the iconic 1960s YEMA model, the new YEMA Superman 500 Watch Collection features five new watches designed for divers. For the first time, the YEMA watch series boasts an impressive 500-meter water resistance, offering durable watches with technical details designed with divers in mind.

The collection starts with the YEMA Superman 500 GMT watch. This watch has an adjustable bezel lock, a double-domed sapphire crystal face, and Super-LumiNova Grade A letters and numbers to make it easy to read and use the watch while swimming underwater. This stainless steel watch features a black face with a blue and white dial.

Next in the lineup is the YEMA Superman 500 GMT Pepsi watch. With the same principle features as the 500 GMT, the Superman 500 GMT Pepsi watch is stainless steel and has a black face with a blue and red dial. Divers will love the 24-hour bi-directional bezel, allowing divers to read up to three different time zones simultaneously, compliments of the GMT hand.

The YEMA Superman 500 GMT Batman watch is the last in the GMT lineup. This timepiece has a black face with a gray and blue dial with identical features to the other GMT watches. All the GMT watches feature in-house calibers and are powered by the YEMA3000.

The Superman 500 and the Superman 500 Mysterious Blue watch feature an in-house caliber powered by the YEMA2000. While these two watches do not have the GMT hand, they boast the same durability and water resistance as other Superman 500 timepieces in the lineup.

The new YEMA Superman 500 collection is available for pre-order, with the watches shipping toward the end of October 2022. The YEMA Superman 500 GMT, YEMA Superman 500 GMT Pepsi, and Yema Superman 500 GMT Batman are priced at $1,399 and will be limited to 200 pieces of each watch type. The two other watches in the collection, the YEMA Superman 500 and the YEMA Superman 500 Mysterious Blue, are priced at $1,249.

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Yema Superman 500 GMT

YEMA Superman 500 Collection

$ 1,249+
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter: 39mm & 41mm
  • Movement: YEMA2000 & YEMA3000
  • Water Resistance: 500 meters