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XXRAY Dawn of Justice Figures

Ever wanted to take a look into what makes a superhero? Now’s your chance.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition is finally available for digital download starting today. Everyone and their mothers seemed to have an opinion about the film when it was released earlier this year, including us, and we’re eager to see whether this newly edited and lengthier version will finally redeem itself, or is just another marketing ploy and a quick patch up to silence the naysayers.

We will reserve giving our opinion until we’ve seen the Ultimate Edition, but in the mean time you can dissect the characters as much as the critics have dissected the film with the XXRAY Dawn of Justice Figures. These 4-inch figures by artist Jason Freeny brings the characters from the film to life in anatomical style. Each hand painted and assembled, you can start collecting these XXRAY figures to assemble your own Justice League, just in time for the anticipated Justice League feature film.