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Vyrus Alyen 988

The Vyrus Alyen 988 Is An Extravagant New Superbike

A 62-inch long wheelbase gives the superbike a superior level of handling, which is designed to maneuver its menacing 200 hp output.

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The Vyrus Alyen 988, a superbike from the Italian company known for building such marvels by hand, has a double omega frame crafted from magnesium. The 17-inch carbon fiber wheels are equipped with 120/70 and 200/60 tires for the front and rear, respectively. Lots of bare carbon fiber panels, as well as the exhaust pipes that jut out from under the seat, give the bike a futuristic and menacing appearance. A Ducati 1,285 cc L-twin power engine is water-cooled and paired with a six-speed wet-clutch transmission. Armed with a 2.9-gallon fuel tank, this superbike delivers a pulse-pounding 202 hp at 10,500 rpm.

The sheer power embodied by this motorcycle is matched with a specially-designed suspension that enables it to be maneuvered while at full throttle. A 62-inch long wheelbase adds to the superbike’s nimble handling, which is designed to perform at its top speed of 200 mph. While Brembo GP4 brakes bring the bike to a halt, there’s not much that can stop the adrenaline rush this ride leaves coursing through your veins.