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Volvo P1800 Cyan

The Volvo P1800 Cyan Shows The World The Proper Way to Build a Restomod

The P1800 Cyan looks gorgeous, drives like an enraged demon, and probably costs more than your house.

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$ 500,000+

The Volvo P1800 Cyan is the result of crossing a three-time World Touring Car Championship racing team and one of the most beautiful 1960s sports cars ever made. Cyan Racing is the team, and the original Volvo P1800 is the 60s sports car. The P1800 Cyan is technically a restomod, but more importantly, it’s a car most driving enthusiasts would consider – perfect. This is a car with the gorgeous styling of the past, driven by modern technology, with old school tuning.

The P1800 Cyan is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine producing an impressive 413 horsepower and 335 pounds-feet of torque, with a bespoke five-speed manual transmission from Holinger. Cyan put the classic Volvo on a crash test bringing the curb weight to just under 2,200 pounds. The body was redesigned to cater to bigger, wider wheels and tires. The chassis has been reinforced for rigidity using high-strength steel and carbon fiber. Cyan also gave the car fully adjustable suspension featuring double wishbones in both the front and rear and a limited-slip differential. Are you drooling yet? It gets even better because Cyan has announced that they are going to produce the P1800 Cyan in limited production numbers starting this fall. If the price scares you, don’t worry, because you get what you paid for, which in this case is an outrageously engineered classic Volvo.