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US Rubber CO. Military High Top

Exclusive To Huckberry: US Rubber CO. Military High Top

A faithful re-creation of one of the very first modern sneakers.

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Huckberry recently unveiled a new addition to its footwear collection, the US Rubber CO. Military High Top. This faithful re-creation of the iconic silhouette is exclusive to Huckberry. The U.S. Rubber Co. acquired Charles Goodyear’s shoe business in 1892 and released the original vulcanized sneaker. This adaptation of Goodyear’s vulcanized rubber — which he originally developed for galoshes— is easily one of the most noteworthy and long-lasting footwear innovations since shoelaces. Huckberry says the US Rubber CO. Military High Top is a tribute to one of the first modern sneakers with heritage details, such as the U.S. Rubber CO. Branding and metal eyelets that create the vintage look.

The durable canvas uppers provide classic washable and durable wear over time. And the US Rubber CO. Military High Top outsole features crafting using the company’s original vulcanization method, resulting in lightweight flexibility and a dual-color pattern. Huckberry points out that outsoles by U.S. Rubber CO. have a reputation for durability and flexibility. To that end, the U.S. Rubber Co. set the trends for styles by Converse and Vans. The company’s US Rubber CO. Military High Top is a re-release of their Military High Top, appropriately honoring its past in an iconic silhouette. Even better? These vintage-inspired sneakers don’t use animal products, making them completely vegan-friendly.

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