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'The Great American Roadtrip' by Gestalten, Aether & Laura Austin

‘The Great American Roadtrip’ By Gestalten, Aether, And Laura Austin

‘The Great American Roadtrip’ takes readers on a journey where they will connect with the real America.

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Americans have a long-held fascination with taking road trips – whether they are exploring one state or making a trek across the country. After all, each area of the country has its own unique allure – from the east to the west, north to south, and everything in between, there is seemingly no end to the sights and characters that make up this country.

The Great American Roadtrip, a recently published book by Gestalten, pays tribute to this quintessentially American pastime. The 288-page book takes readers on a journey of 25 routes throughout America that explore the magnificent landscapes of the country and delves into local history, culture, food, and people. This full-color, hardcover coffee table book crosses barren deserts, magnificent canyons, snowy mountains, and striking prairies – all without crossing a border. From the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and retracing the Underground Railroad to great eateries in Maine and Texas and exploring the picturesque California coast, each route in this book has a rich story to tell. The Great American Roadtrip was published in collaboration with LA-based adventure brand AETHER and it features photography by Laura Austin and AETHER co-founder Jonah Smith.

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