'The Concours' by Ken Gross

‘The Concours’ by Ken Gross

Showcasing the finer details of the world’s most important cars ever made, this book celebrates cars as works of art.

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$ 175

To many of us, these expertly crafted vehicles are more than a means of transportation — they are works of art. And what better way to demonstrate these works of art than with The Concours. This book is a beautifully produced 221-page hardcover with over 100 photographs and illustrations. From celebrity drivers to hood ornaments that look more at home with Greek sculptures than on a car, The Concours showcases the finer details of some of the world’s most important cars ever made. 

Weighing in at a hefty 7.5 pounds, the book comes in a luxury slipcase. It’s the ultimate coffee table book as the glossy photographs are brilliantly printed on the finest paper around. The dimensions measure 10.9 in x 13.9 in x 1.7 in.