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Tanoshibe Unlimited Home Entertainment Arcade

Enjoy Your Own At-Home Entertainment Arcade

The Tanoshibe arcade is a platform that allows gamers to enjoy classic gaming with the latest consoles that they already have – Switch, PS5, PC, and even their phones.

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$ 599+

The old days of arcade video games are here again. Experiencing games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s has never been easier with the Tanoshibe Unlimited Home Entertainment Arcade. This is a table-top version celebrating the golden age of arcade games with classic games that everyone used to play as a kid. Get ready for some serious fun to add to any man cave or game room inside your home. The screen is an advanced HD 1080p monitor that features the games in true high-def quality. The Tanoshibe Home Entertainment Arcade comes in two different sizes, which have either a 10- or 24-inch display. It is essentially a small or large size to fit wherever the device needs to go for maximum amounts of fun.

The arcade joystick feels like an exciting throwback to another era where it was simple to play a video game. The game device has RGB light stripes that are customizable for a more retro disco-style arcade experience. Go back in time to play all the old gaming hits on a modern system with built-in stereo for excellent sound quality. The Tanoshibe Unlimited Home Entertainment Arcade has HDMI screen projection, so it is able to plug into any current game system from Nintendo, Xbox, or Playstation. The screen also shares easily on wifi with any mobile device for posting through YouTube. It is truly the perfect gift for any old-school game lover.

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