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Tangram Smart Rope

Bluetooth connected jump rope that offers a range of smart features.

It might have been a while since you’ve last used a jump rope, but did you know that this simple exercise is a great calorie burner that promotes cardiovascular fitness while also toning your muscles? The exercise itself may not be as engaging as going to the gym for a full workout and the monotonous up and down motion will most likely be as interesting as a slice of white bread. However, Tangram Factory has set their goals to not only make jump ropes more interesting, but smarter as well.

The Tangram Smart Rope is a bluetooth connected jump rope that connects to your smartphone so you can keep track of your progress and goals. Not only that, the jump rope uses the natural motion of the rope and embedded LEDs to create an animated counter, so you don’t have to keep count under your breath. The Smart Gym app is where all the information will reside, and Tangram promises to expand their product lineup that will be centered around the new app. Available in three different colors and more offered for its soft grips, the Smart Rope is highly customizable to add a bit of style to an exercise that was once seen as mundane.

With more devices getting smarter to aid with your exercise goals, it might be sign that it’s time to stop procrastinating and take the first step towards your fitness goals with the Tangram Smart Rope.