SZ-Bikes Equilibrium

SZ-Bikes Equilibrium Anthracite Black Edition

SZ Bikes' Equilibrium Anthracite Black Edition is known for its simple lines, quality construction and duo-tone tire rims. Comes with 120 decibel siren alarm.

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SZ Bikes got its modest start in 2010 when Stefano Zellner (hence the SZ) restored and reassembled an abandoned bike at his dad’s home in Italy. When his friends saw his craftsmanship they asked for bikes of their own.

Today, Zellner designs and constructs quality bikes for urban utility. SZ Bikes stand out by their confident simplicity of lines, its chic no-frills appeal and by its duo-tone tire rim. The second color is always something bright and attention-grabbing.

The Equilibrium Anthracite Black Edition from SZ Bikes looks as stark and dramatic as it sounds. The second rim color — whether a fiery orange, avocado green, radiant shade of yellow or three others — really pops against that midnight declaration of black.

Other leading features include the aluminum and carbon fiber construction for lightweight but durable performance and the two-speed automatic shifting hub for ease of operation. The saddle, molded of a special flexible plastic, and the CNC machined pedals, were designed for long-term comfort as you take to city streets.

Thieves will want your bike, but the built-in anti-theft taillight gives them 120 decibels of reasons to stay away.

With the SZ Bikes Equilibrium Anthracite Black Edition, you can look your best while doing your part to reduce noise and air pollution and save the planet. Easily fits riders between about five-two and six-two in height.